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The chainladder-python package was built to be able to handle all of your actuarial reserving needs in python. It consists of popular actuarial tools, such as triangle data manipulation, link ratios calculation, and IBNR estimates using both deterministic and stochastic models. We build this package so you no longer have to rely on outdated softwares and tools when performing actuarial pricing or reserving indications.

This package strives to be minimalistic in needing its own API. The syntax mimics popular packages such as pandas for data manipulation and scikit-learn for model construction. An actuary that is already familiar with these tools will be able to pick up this package with ease. You will be able to save your mental energy for actual actuarial work.

Getting Started

Install chainladder and try the beginner tutorials.

User Guide

A more comprehensive guide on the capabilities of chainladder.


Gallery of examples highlighting different use cases for chainladder.

API Reference

The chainladder API Reference Manual provides a comprehensive reference for all methods.